Saturday, January 1, 2011

Twinings Christmas Tea

Ah! Shopping at Walmart the week just before Christmas. That was an experience I could have done without. My mother and I weren't even shopping for presents; all we needed were some grocery items. And, as is my habit, I checked their selection of tea to see if there was anything of interest. Usually, I don't go for holiday blends. Typically they involve fruity flavours that just aren't to my liking, but when I saw Twinings Christmas Tea on the shelf I decided to go ahead and try it. I now like it well enough that I'll probably get it every year...provided I still don't have a good loose-leaf blend I can buy locally.

It's what I would call a lighter black tea blend. It smelled citrus-y, but fortunately for me, didn't taste of citrus. I did taste the spices...more cinnamon than cloves. This is a sweeter blend, so I used two sugar cubes as opposed to my normal three. I haven't tried it with milk yet. It is good without sugar, if that is to your liking. I have to be in just the right mood to want my tea without sugar, though.

I would recommend anyone trying it: definitely what I would call a "beginners" tea.

Later: I tried this with milk, and it is a *must*! This tea tastes good without it, but it tastes wonderful with it.

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  1. I haven't tried this particular blend but I have had Harney & Sons' Holiday Tea (that link sends you to my review, as well as several others) which sounds similar in style. It goes heavier on the clove though, and has a strong black tea as a base.

    I think in the end I prefer normal masala chai / spiced tea blends to the holiday teas...if I'm going to add spices to tea, I like a lot of cardamom, which is usually not an ingredient in holiday blends. I also like being able to taste the base tea more, but I'm a tea lover who usually drinks pure tea and drinks it straight!